Welcome to Who Needs Salad

If you thought vegan food was just about boring salads, think again! Explore Who Needs Salad to discover recipes, photos, and tips for first-time vegans. All the dishes featured on this site are guaranteed to be delicious and to challenge existing preconceptions of vegan cuisine. Once you see what vegans have to offer, you might want to give it a try!

Meet Tania


Hi, I’m Tania! I am a vegan writer from Toronto, Canada who has a passion for conscious consumerism and sustainability. I also love food, and even more, I love eating! Vegan food isn’t just about salads – it’s about so much more. Join me as I share recipes, food logs, and research pieces that prove being vegan is anything but boring! You can learn more about my journey by visiting the About Me page, see posts on the Blog, or visit the Recipes page for a quick list of everything there is to offer!