Spicy Buffalo-Ranch Kale Salad

I know. Who needs salad, right? Well sometimes, sometimes you just do. And I promise this is a salad unlike any other. No sad lettuce here! This salad revolves around buffalo sauce. I have a strange obsession with buffalo sauce. Every now and then I get an overpowering craving for the stuff, and I just have to have something, anything slathered in that rich, tangy sauce. Frank’s Red Hot is of course a staple in my pantry, which means I can have buffalo sauce whenever I want, but the sauce is essentially half butter, so it’s not exactly my healthy go-to option. Using kale as the salad base makes me feel better about this. Kale is so packed with nutrition that its benefits counteract any adverse effect a cup of butter may have on your body. Right? Probably not. Regardless, kale is awesome, and so is buffalo sauce, so I’ve put them together to form a seriously delicious salad, because, like I said, sometimes you just need a salad (but only a kickass one).

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