About Me

Hi! My name is Tania and I’ve been vegan since 2014. Both my parents were (and still are) vegetarian since before I was born, so I guess it’s kind of in my nature. I was raised mostly by my grandparents, and since grandparents as a rule don’t believe in vegetarianism, all my parents’ efforts to keep meat out of my diet were for naught. As a teenager I moved back in with my dad and thus became vegetarian on and off until my mid twenties.

I was never too strict about what I ate, which is why I flipped between vegetarian and omnivore several times throughout my life. My longest vegetarian stretch was for about two years, but then I was at a barbecue and there were Italian sausages on the grill and it was game over. Even still, I really disliked meat on the bone (it grossed me out) and stuck mainly to chicken breast or ground beef or meats that in no way resembled the animal from which they came. I was obsessed with cheese, fresh parmesan in particular, and could devour a $30 block in just under two weeks. My favourite snack used to be a generous hunk of parmesan on a whole wheat cracker with honey drizzled over top. I could never, ever, ever, ever live without cheese.

So what changed?

One day I was off from work so I parked myself on the couch in front of Netflix and watched a few food-related documentaries. I was intrigued, so I went online to do some further research. I spiralled into a black hole of YouTube videos and scientific studies and government conspiracies until I tumbled out on the other side a determined vegan. Over the next few months my then fiancé (now husband) and I transitioned to a vegan diet by finishing off or giving away all animal products in the house and purchasing a few vegan cookbooks for ideas. The funny thing is that my husband had already been vegan before we moved in together, but since I wasn’t, he found it too hard to maintain, and instead switched to purchasing only locally sourced, free-range, grass-fed animal products. So he was very content to follow me along my whim.

It turned out it was not a whim, and here I am almost three years later happily abiding by a roughly 90% vegan diet, with no regrets, missing nothing, not even those blocks of delicious, fresh, tangy parmesan (ok maybe I miss that a little).

I started this blog for a few reasons:

  1. Since I left my full-time job I’ve had waaaay too much time on my hands and have thus taken up cooking again and discovered I’m kind of good at it.
  2. A lot (not all) of vegan food blogs out there are pretentious and preachy and guilt-trippy and most of all healthy, and I am none of these things so I must balance the scales.
  3. I want to let all the questioning omnivores out there know that I do eat food, I don’t miss out on anything, and yes, it’s all hella delicious.

I guess this is all about defying stereotypes and proving that you don’t have to be a certain type of person to eliminate animals and all their byproducts from your diet. My goal is not to convince or convert anyone; I merely want to allow you a glimpse into the kitchen of a self-proclaimed vegan so you maybe start to change the way you think about a plant-based lifestyle and stop being so judgy. (That in itself was really judgy. I’m sorry. I take it back.)

So check out the Blog and visit the Recipes page if you feel like taking a crack at any of my meals.

You can also see more pictures of recipes on my Instagram account, follow me on Facebook and Twitter, or visit my travel blog, TaniaTrippingOut.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy!